What part of speech is cupidity?


What part of speech is cupidity?

noun. eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed; avarice.

Who is the wife of Cupid?


What is the synonym of avarice?

SYNONYMS. greed, acquisitiveness, cupidity, covetousness, avariciousness, rapacity, rapaciousness, graspingness, materialism, mercenariness. meanness, miserliness. informal money-grubbing, money-grabbing, an itching palm.

What does a new set of eyes mean?

Definition (expr.) with a fresh perspective. Examples I need to take a break from painting and come back with a new set of eyes so I can make changes.

What is the word for seeing the big picture?


What does cupidity mean in English?

1 : inordinate desire for wealth : avarice, greed the cupidity of the bankers. 2 : strong desire : lust.

What is another way to say the big picture?

What is another word for bigger picture?

big picture broad view
entire perspective most important facts
whole picture

What does loquacious mean?

Loquacious is an adjective we use to describe someone who talks easily, fluently, and a lot.

What is another word for Cupid?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cupid, like: Roman god of love, matchmaker, lonely hearts expert, Eros (Greek), son of Venus, amor, medusa, love, cupids, curlyjoe99 and marriage broker.

What is another word for Angel?

other words for angel

  • archangel.
  • cherub.
  • guardian.
  • seraph.
  • spirit.
  • sprite.
  • celestial being.
  • supernatural being.

Who is the mother of psyche?

She was born a mortal woman, with beauty that rivaled Aphrodite. Psyche is known from the story called The Golden Ass, written by Lucius Apuleius in the 2nd century. See Cupid and Psyche….Psyche (mythology)

Parents Unnamed King and Queen
Siblings Two unnamed sisters
Consort Eros
Children Hedone

What does let’s look at the big picture mean?

: the entire perspective on a situation or issue —used with the.

What is Extinctive?

: tending or serving to extinguish or make extinct.

What is another word for eyes?

Eye Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for eye?

eyeball oculus
optic peeper
orb globe
organ of vision organ of sight
baby blue

Why is Cupid blind?

She realized that he was Cupid, the most handsome god and not an ugly demon. Win win for Psyche! But cupid woke up and startled her, making the hot oil from the lamp fall into his eyes. Out of love and desperation she accomplishes everything and gets to see Cupid and discovers that he is blind because of her oil spill.

Can I borrow your eyes meaning?

Senior Member. “Borrow a couple of extra eyes to find your path” could suggest “get someone to help you find your path”. It sounds rather like “another pair of eyes”.

Did Eros and Psyche have a child?

After successfully completing these tasks, Aphrodite relents and Psyche becomes immortal to live alongside her husband Eros. Together they had a daughter, Voluptas or Hedone (meaning physical pleasure, bliss). In Greek mythology, Psyche was the deification of the human soul.

What does exaction mean?

1a : the act or process of exacting. b : extortion. 2 : something exacted especially : a fee, reward, or contribution demanded or levied with severity or injustice.

What does Cupid mean in slang?

phrase. If you say that someone is playing cupid, you mean that they are trying to bring two people together to start a romantic relationship. See full dictionary entry for cupid.

What does second pair of eyes mean?

1. another person to check something or offer ideas. It’s always useful to have a second pair of eyes to check what you’re doing.

What does Objurgation mean?

: a harsh rebuke. Other Words from objurgation Synonyms & Antonyms Did You Know?

Who is a pedantic person?

Pedantic is an insulting word used to describe someone who annoys others by correcting small errors, caring too much about minor details, or emphasizing their own expertise especially in some narrow or boring subject matter.

What is the opposite of Cupid?

Anti-Cupid is the polar opposite of Cupid and the most hateful, evil anti-fairy. He is the only anti-fairy who is truly evil and negative, often wanting to break up every loving couple. He isn’t very forgiving and often holds grudges on anyone who hurts him and his big ego.

Who did Cupid fall in love with?

In another allegory, Cupid’s mother, Venus (Aphrodite), became so jealous of the beautiful mortal Psyche that she told her son to induce Psyche to fall in love with a monster. Instead, Cupid became so enamored with Psyche that he married her—with the condition that she could never see his face.

What is pair of eyes?

A person who is brought in to examine something carefully is a fresh pair of eyes.

How do you use cupidity in a sentence?

(1) Her cupidity is well known. (2) Rincewind took a few steps forward, cupidity moving him as easily as if he were on little wheels. (3) His eyes gave him away, shining with cupidity. (4) There was a glimmer of cupidity in those small, cunning eyes of his.

What is pedantry mean?

1 : pedantic presentation or application of knowledge or learning. 2 : an instance of pedantry.

What does acquisitiveness mean?

1. Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess. 2. Tending to acquire and retain ideas or information: an acquisitive mind.

What means greed?

: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed motivated by naked ambition and greed.

Why is Cupid a baby?

Perhaps Cupid is usually seen as a baby because babies represent the combination of two people in love. In Greek mythology, his mother is Aphrodite. Cupid is the equivalent to the gods Amor and Eros, depending on which myths are told. He is represented by the symbol of two hearts with an arrow piercing through them.