What language is El Grillo Josquin?


What language is El Grillo Josquin?

Josquin is Italian, and composed a huge number of pieces, both secular and sacred. I wanted to hear an example of one of his pieces, so I chose the secular piece “El Grillo,” or “The Cricket.” “El Grillo” is a silly a cappella number written in Italian. Below are (one interpretation of) the lyrics.

What form is El Grillo?

El Grillo is mostly homophonic with some polyphonic decorative figures, is ternary in form (ABA), and has a definite sense of rhythm and pulse, with the meter being duple simple. The form is shown below with the text: “El grillo” by Josquin des Prez. Che tiene longo verso.

Why was El Grillo written?

Several scholars have posited that Josquin wrote the song to either honour or make fun of his colleague at the House of Sforza, an Italian court singer named Carlo Grillo.

Is El Grillo a madrigal?

Before he left Italy he composed one of his most famous secular compositions called El grillo (The Cricket). The song is an early madrigal – the style is actually called a frottola.

What was Josquin des Pres piece El Grillo about?

El Grillo is a humorous song, and according to some was about a colleague of Josquin’s, singer Carlo Grillo (his name translates as “cricket”). The piece is sparkling and features characteristic word-painting of the lyrics, especially the rhythmic cricket motive of paired quarter notes.

In which city did Josquin serve the chapel of Duke Ercole d Este?

Josquin probably remained in the service of Louis XII until 1503, when Duke Ercole I of Ferrara hired him for the chapel there.

What is the meter of El Grillo?

El Grillo is a 7.264 ton and 147 meter Oil Tanker which sunk in Seydisfjordur February 10th.

Who composed the cricket?

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Cricket, also called Cricket (Hearts and Wickets), is a short musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and lyrics and book by Tim Rice. It was commissioned for Queen Elizabeth’s 60th birthday celebration, and was first performed at Windsor Castle on 18 June 1986.

Is El Grillo sacred or secular?

Prez El Grillo – Cello Quartet Josquin wrote both sacred and secular works. His secular works included French chansons and Italian-inspired pieces called frottole; the 4-voiced El Grillo is an example of the latter. Typical of frottole, it avoids counterpoint, and the voices move in generally similar rhythm.

What were the 3 basic purposes of art music during Renaissance?

Art music in the Renaissance served three basic purposes: (1) worship in both the Catholic and burgeoning Protestant Churches, (2) music for the entertainment and edification of the courts and courtly life, and (3) dance music.

What was Josquin Dez famous for?

Josquin is widely considered by music scholars to be the first master of the high Renaissance style of polyphonic vocal music that was emerging during his lifetime.

Where did Josquin des Prez spent most of his life?

Josquin spent most of his life in the province of Hainaut, today a part of Belgium.