What is vault drive in Vnx?


What is vault drive in Vnx?

Vault Drive. Vault drives in Dell EMC VNX storage systems are used to cache write data coming from a storage processor. Write data is cached in vault drives in case of power failure or failure of a storage processor to help prevent data loss.

What is Vault disk?

The vault is a ‘save area’ across the first five disks to store write cache from the Storage Processors in the event of a Power Failure to the Clariion, or a Storage Processor Failure.


The VNX systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system.

What is VNX unified storage?

Description. EMC VNX 5300 Unified Storage System is a high-performance platform for consolidating block storage, file servers, and any direct-attached application storage. The VNX operating environment allows Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX clients to share data in multi-protocol environments (CIFS/NFS).

What is storage processor in Vnx?

Storage Processor – SP – Usually followed by “A” or “B” to denote if which one it is, all VNX systems have 2 storage processors. It is the job of the storage processor to retrieve data from the disk when asked, and to write data to disk when asked. It also handles all RAID operations as well as Read and Write caching.

What is deduplication in Vnx?

When enabled on a file system, VNX File deduplication works to remove duplicate files found within a common file system. This deduplication technique is referred to as Single-Instance Storage (SIS). SIS is not an EMC-specific deduplication technique, but rather is one of the many methods of data deduplication.

What is Vnx launcher?

What is a VNX Launcher? VNX Launcher is a Unisphere Client for Windows, it is a host-based version of the Unisphere management tool. This version of the Unisphere client includes a browser and self-contained JRE, and does not require Java to be installed.