What is TSO logon procedure?


What is TSO logon procedure?

A TSO/E logon procedure contains JCL statements that execute the required program and allocate the required data sets to enable a user to acquire the resources needed to use TSO/E. You must provide at least one logon procedure for your installation’s TSO/E users.

Do we require procedure name to logon in your TSO session?

The procedure TSO/E selects is the first one in alphabetical order. To use the selected procedure, the user presses the Enter key. To use a different procedure, the user can enter the procedure name. If the user is defined in the UADS, TSO/E displays a message that prompts the user for a logon procedure name.

Where can I find TSO logon proc?

Re: TSO LOGON Procedure One method to find them is to display your TSO session in SDSF, IOF or possibly CA-SYSVIEW. Look in the JESYSMSG data set. You should see a line, IEFC001I PROCEDURE xxxxxxx WAS EXPANDED USING SYSTEM LIBRARY ddddddd. Most likely all the logon procs for your system are in dddddd.

What is the correct procedure to log off TSO?

When you are finished using TSO/E, issue the LOGOFF command to sign off from the system and end your terminal session. The system releases your user ID until the next time you issue the LOGON command. You can also sign off from the system by issuing the LOGON command.

What is SYS1 Proclib?

The procedure in SYS1. PROCLIB specifies the first program to run in the new address space after the optional initialization routine. You can specify the name of this procedure either on the ASNAME or STPARM parameter.

Why do we need TSO?

What is TSO? Time Sharing Option/Extensions (TSO/E) allows users to create an interactive session with the z/OSĀ® system. TSO provides a single-user logon capability and a basic command prompt interface to z/OS. Most users work with TSO through its menu-driven interface, Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF).

What is the low level qualifier LLQ )?

The first name on the left is called the high-level qualifier (HLQ), the last name on the right is the lowest-level qualifier (LLQ). Segments or qualifiers are limited to eight characters, the first of which must be alphabetic (A to Z) or special (# @ $).

What is Plpa in mainframe?

The pageable link pack area (PLPA) contains supervisor call routines (SVCs), access methods, and other read-only system programs, along with read-only re-enterable user programs selected by an installation to be shared among users of the system.

What is a linklist in mainframe?

The LINKLIST is a collection of libraries, established during the IPL, that contain system and user load modules. Any program in the LINKLIST does NOT require a JOBLIB or STEPLIB to point to the load library — the system can find such programs without any JCL statements.