What is the torque for a front axle nut?


What is the torque for a front axle nut?

Generally, jam nuts less than 2-5/8″ should be torqued to 200-300 lbf-ft; nuts 2-5/8″ and over should be torqued to 250-400 lbf-ft. See chart for exact torque specification. The final step is to use a dial indicator to verify the end play or free movement of the tire and wheel assembly along the spindle axis.

How much torque should an axle nut have?

Also, in almost all cases, use a new axle nut. with no more than 15 to 20 ft. lbs. of torque while rotating the wheel to make sure the bearings are seated.

How tight should a front spindle nut be?

Correct Torque Rating for a Trailer Wheel Spindle Nut The nut on the spindle should be tightened until snug, with no side-to-side play in the hub and then backed off slightly, about maybe a 1/8 of a turn. If the spindle uses a castle nut and cotter pin or tang nut, tighten the nut finger tight until it…

Should I torque axle nut?

Many technicians use an impact gun when installing an axle nut on a wheel hub bearing which not only overtightens the bearing but can also cause premature wear to the hub assembly. MOOG recommends using a torque wrench to tighten the axle nut accurately. DO NOT use an impact wrench.

How tight should a wheel hub be?

0.001 to 0.005 inches
For context, the tolerable end-play for truck wheel bearings is the same: 0.001 to 0.005 inches, also expressed as 1 to 5 mil or 0.025 to 0.127 mm. In other words, it’s perfectly acceptable to adjust wheel bearings so that they are just a little bit loose, but not too loose.

How do you tighten a spindle nut?

Directions for Bearing Adjustment / Spindle Nut Torque / Spindle Nut Tension. 1 – Rotate the Hub Assembly slowly while tightening the spindle nut to approx 50lbs-ft. 2 – Then loosen the spindle nut to remove the torque. 3 – Finger tighten the spindle nut until just snug.

Why are axle nuts so tight?

Propellers Up Front Just as you said you can pull the hub really hard once the axle nut is removed means that is a high stress point, so the axle nut being tight prevents that from happening under extreme driving conditions. Since it’s CV joints and not a solid axle, things can come apart outwards.

Is it OK to reuse leaf spring U-bolts?

Why can’t I reuse my U-bolts? This is one of the single most commonly asked questions out there when discussing leaf springs and related components. We get a variety of reactions when we advise our customers that reusing U-bolts is never a good idea.

Can you over tighten U-bolts?

“If you overtighten the nuts on those u-bolts you can damage the bearing cap and the needle bearings inside,” says Fagen. “A lot of needle bearing failures in u-joint caps can be traced to over-tightened u-bolts.