What is the story behind BattleBlock Theater?


What is the story behind BattleBlock Theater?

The Player(s) and his best friend, Hatty Hattington, are off on an adventure one fine day when they become shipwrecked on an island. The friends seek shelter inside an old, abandoned theater, where they discover a hat. Hatty tries it on, and through some magic he becomes a truly terrible person.

Is BattleBlock Theater for kids?

Kid Factor: BattleBlock Theater is rated T for Teen with ESRB descriptors of Blood, Violence, and Crude Humor.

Who is honey hug?

Honey Hug was a Space Bear killed at the climax of Battleblock Theater by Hatty Hattington. Afterward, his body crashed into the Earth creating the setting of Pit People. His sudden death caused his friend, Honey Kiss (More commonly known as the Bear) to become evil and the main antagonist of Pit People.

Who created Battle block Theatre?

The Behemoth
Big Timber Studio
BattleBlock Theater/Developers

Who owns the BattleBlock Theater?

BattleBlock Theater
Developer(s) The Behemoth Big Timber Studio
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios The Behemoth (Steam)
Designer(s) Dan Paladin
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Xbox One

Is BattleBlock Theater a sequel to Castle Crashers?

BattleBlock Theater I would say, yes, they are in the same universe. There are multiple prisoners in BBT that are characters in Castle Crashers.

Is the narrator of BattleBlock Theater Hatty?

Dan Paladin stated that he originally meant for the Narrator to be Hatty recanting, but Stamper wasn’t fond of the idea, and the Narrator became canonically unidentifiable in the end.

What age rating is Castle Crashers?

Age Ratings This game was rated PEGI 16 for frequent scenes of arcade-style violence featuring blood. Violence is typical of the side-scrolling arcade-style games with frequent hacking and slashing between 2D characters, resulting in loss of limbs and moderate amounts of blood effects.

Who is the narrator for Battleblock theater?

Will Stamper
The game begins with the narrator (voiced by Will Stamper) telling the adventures of the hundreds of friends aboard the S.S. Friendship, as well as Hatty Hattington, who is known as “best friend to one and all”.