What is the significance of Hierakonpolis?


What is the significance of Hierakonpolis?

Hierakonpolis, (Greek), Egyptian Nekhen, modern Kawm Al-Aḥmar, prehistoric royal residence of the kings of Upper Egypt and the most important site of the beginning of Egypt’s historical period.

Where was Hierakonpolis located?

Upper Egypt
Hierakonpolis, or “City of the Hawk,” is the Greek name for the modern city of Kom el-Ahmar, known to its ancient residents as Nekhen. It is a large predynastic and later townsite located 70 miles (113 km) north of Aswan on a 1.5 km (. 9 mi) stretch of the west bank of the Nile River in Upper Egypt.

Who was the patron god of Hierakonpolis?

The Souls of Pe and Nekhen, mentioned first in the Pyramid Texts, refer to the ancestors of the ancient Egyptian kings. Nekhen (Greek Hierakonpolis) was the Upper Egyptian centre of the worship of the god Horus, whose successors the Egyptian pharaohs were thought to be.

What’s one of the famous firsts from Hierakonpolis?

The first hundred years of scientific inves- tigation at Hierakonpolis, the site of Egypt’s first capital, has produced a large number of firsts; i.e., the first occurrence of objects, practices and styles that were destined to typify Egyptian civilization, such as the first temple and first mummies.

How big was Hierakonpolis?

Welcome to Hierakonpolis Online Stretching for over 3 km along the edge of the Nile flood plain, already by 3600 BC it was a city of many neighborhoods and quarters.

Who discovered Hierakonpolis?

Based on the still unparalleled Painted Tomb (Tomb 100), discovered by F.W Green in 1899, it was believed that Hierakonpolis was at its peak in the Naqada IIC period, thus about 3500BC, a time of social change and economic development throughout Predynastic Egypt.

Where is Nekhen Egypt?

Aswan Governorate

Alternative name Hierakonpolis (Greek)
Location Aswan Governorate, Egypt
Coordinates 25°5′50″N 32°46′46″E
Material Possibly, oldest painted Ancient Egyptian tomb

Which King built a funerary enclosure at Hierakonpolis?

Built by Khasekhemwy, the last ruler of Dynasty II (c. 2800-2675 B.C.) and one of Egypt’s greatest builders and innovators, it is the oldest freestanding monumental mudbrick structure in Egypt.

Where is PE in ancient Egypt?

Upper Egypt – Capital: Pe Upper Egypt was located south, almost under Lower, and stretched to Syene.

Which pharaoh abandoned the worship of most of the Egyptian gods in favor of Aton?

Tell el-Amarna On a virgin site on the east bank of the Nile River, Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) built the city about 1348 bce as the new capital of his kingdom when he abandoned the worship of Amon and devoted himself to worship of the Aton.

What does the word predynastic mean?

occurring before a dynasty
Definition of predynastic : occurring before a dynasty especially : occurring before the ancient Egyptian dynasties ruling from about 3400 b.c. the predynastic period/age predynastic rulers —often capitalized in this specific sense …