What is the Samsung ringtone called?


What is the Samsung ringtone called?

Over the Horizon
The melody, known as Over the Horizon, is the default ringtone of the Samsung smartphone.

How do I get special ringtones on my Samsung?

Set a ringtone for a specific contact

  1. On your device, navigate to and open Contacts.
  2. Select your desired contact, and then tap Edit.
  3. Tap View more, and then tap Ringtone. If needed, allow the different permissions.
  4. Choose any ringtone, and then tap Back. Tap Save to set that ringtone to the contact.

Can you get ringtones for Samsung?

Once you have downloaded or purchased music files onto your Galaxy device, you can choose to set them as ringtones.

How do I add songs to Samsung Sound picker?


  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Device tab.
  4. Tap Sound or Sound and notifications.
  5. Tap Ringtones.
  6. Choose the desired options: Change to music or sound file. Tap Add. Tap the desired application for adding the ringtone (Choose music track, Sound picker, or Dropbox)

How do I make a song from YouTube my ringtone?

To make YouTube music your Android ringtone, just copy the URL and put it on the website YTmp3.cc….And to do that.

  1. Head over to the Settings Menu.
  2. Search for Sound and Vibration.
  3. Under the Phone Ringtone Menu, search for Phone Ringtone.
  4. Now click on the SIM Name and select the new Audio File.
  5. Your new ringtone is now set.

How do I choose a good ringtone?

How to change your ringtone on an Android phone, and pick between preset or custom ringtones

  1. To change your ringtone on an Android phone, you’ll need to go through the “Sounds and vibration” menu in your Settings app.
  2. In this menu, you can change your ringtone to a custom tone, or pick from a list of preset tones.