What is the role of coxal gland?


What is the role of coxal gland?

The coxal gland is a gland found in some arthropods, for collecting and excreting urine. They are found in all arachnids (with the exception of some Acari), and in other chelicerates, such as horseshoe crabs.

Is Green gland and coxal gland same?

coxal gland They are called antennal glands or maxillary glands, depending on whether they open at the base of the antennae or at the maxillae. If the tubule adjacent to the excretory pore is green, the gland is called a green gland.

What is antennal gland in biology?

Green glands are excretory organs of some arthropods like crustaceans. For example, prawns, crayfishes, lobsters etc. They are also called antennal glands because these glands are located near the base of larger antennae. Each gland has three parts end sac, labyrinth and bladder.

Is coxal gland present in mites?

1968) despite some differences in their location and particular anatomy. However, in contrast to the more primitive basal groups, the coxal glands in the derived Parasitengonina mites are devoid of the proximal saccule and composed only of the convoluted tubule (Witte 1991; Alberti and Coons 1999; Shatrov 2000).

What is the Green or gland of Arthropoda?

antennal glands
Hint: Green glands or the antennal glands are paired glands in prawns, shrimps, etc. They help in the elimination of ammonia waste from the body. They are one of the excretory organs seen in Arthropods.

Do humans have antennal glands?

Antennal or maxillary glands are located in the head, and empty at the base of the second antenna or first maxilla.

Do Scorpions have coxal glands?

[A] : A pair of coxal glands are found in each side of metasoma of scorpion . [R] : The coxal glands of scorpion are analogous with the green glands of crustacea and function as excretory organs .

Which animal has green gland?

Green glands, also called as antennal or maxillary glands, help carry out excretory functions in crayfish. These glands act much like kidneys in humans and help crayfish remain healthy by eliminating toxic substances and waste products in their urinary and circulatory systems.

What are green glands in zoology?

Definition of green gland : one of a pair of large green glands in some crustaceans (such as crayfishes) that have an excretory function and open at the bases of the larger antennae.

What is green gland in zoology?

Do Hemichordates have excretory system?

The excretory organ in Hemichordata is proboscis gland.