What is the principle of provenance?


What is the principle of provenance?

The principle of provenance means that the records created, accumulated and/or maintained by an individual or organization must be represented together, distinguishable from the records of any other creator.

What are the principles of respect des fonds?

Respect des fonds, or le respect pour les fonds, is a principle in archival theory that proposes to group collections of archival records according to their fonds (according to the entity by which they were created or from which they were received).

What is archival theory and why is it important?

Archival theory underpins the work undertaken by archivists when selecting what to keep, describing what is available, and managing the collections in their care, so that current and future researchers can benefit from using those collections.

What is the purpose of arrangement?

when used broadly, is the process of organizing materials with respect to their provenance and original order, to protect their context and to achieve physical or intellectual control over the materials. Arrangement may or may not include physical arrangement, or sorting, and rehousing materials.

What is the difference between provenance and original order?

Original order is closely related to, but not the same as, provenance, which refers to the origin of a record’s creation or ownership.

What does des fonds mean?

simplest definition of respect des fonds means to group, without mixing them with. others, the archives (documents of every kind) created by or coming from’ an. administration, establishment, person, or corporate body.

What is archival value?

n. the ongoing usefulness or significance of records, based on the administrative, legal, fiscal, evidential, or historical information they contain, justifying their continued preservation (View Citations)

What is archival research in psychology?

the use of books, journals, historical documents, and other existing records or data available in storage in scientific research. Archival research allows for unobtrusive observation of human activity in natural settings and permits the study of phenomena that otherwise cannot easily be investigated.