What is the logo for Kate Spade?


What is the logo for Kate Spade?

The logo design is simple, minimal and quirky. It features a small spade symbol — exactly the same one as the shape found on the suit of spades in a pack of cards. The logo is representative of not just the surname of the brand’s founder, but also the label’s love of simple shapes and unique designs.

What font is Kate Spade?

The new design continues to use the Upper/Lower case San Serif typeface with a slightly bolder look. The main change that came across this new branding is dropping the spade icon and having the wordmark inside a pink box with a white border.

What brand has a spade logo?

brand Kate Spade
Fashion brand Kate Spade is making changes to some of its product designs as well as to its brand identity nearly a year after the death of its namesake founder. First, its original spade-shaped logo has been updated.

What is Kate Spade’s motto?

“live life colourfully”
With the brand’s motto “live life colourfully” and their advice that women should be “quick, curious, playful and strong,” the sassy, classy and fun vibe of Kate Spade struck a chord with women across the world.

Why do people buy Kate Spade?

Part of the reason why Kate Spade is so popular is the fun, friendly vibe of their brand. Being girly but not too girly, infused with bold colours, patterns and cool-girl energy, Kate Spade bags and purses stand out from the rest with their unique designs.

Is Kate Spade a designer brand?

Kate Spade and Michael Kors are two of the most popular designer brands hailing from America. Kate Spade is a more conservative, classic brand that sells designer bags and luxury goods for women, while Michael Kors is a modern, high-end fashion line that also sells accessories and other goods.

What company owns Kate Spade?

Kate Spade & Company
Kate Spade New York/Parent organizations

What is Kate Spade’s mission statement?

Kate Spade Mission Statement we’re stronger together through our on purpose collection, we build suppliers that help transform communities by employing and empowering its primary agents of change: women.

Is Kate Spade considered designer?

Who currently owns Kate Spade?

Tapestry, Inc.
Tapestry, Inc. bought Kate Spade & Company in July 2017 for $2.4 billion.

Does Kate Spade use real leather?

Leather-quality Many Kate Spade products are made with an exterior material called saffiano leather, which is tough to break or even get dirty as it is water-resistant and scratch-proof – a characteristic that will stand the test of time.