What is the Ka of HIO2?


What is the Ka of HIO2?

There is a question posted on the Q&A site CheggStudy that reads: “Determine the pH of a 50 mL solution of a 0.15 M iodous acid (HIO2). The Ka of iodous acid is 2.9×10−5. “.

Is HIO2 acidic or basic?

Iodous acid is an iodine oxoacid. It is a conjugate acid of an iodite.

What is Iodous acid formula?

HIO2iodous acid / Formula

Iodous acid Formula The molecular or chemical formula of Iodous acid is HIO2. The salts of this chemical compound are named iodites. These are extremely unstable, observed but never isolated. They disproportionate quickly to molecular iodates and iodine. Its molecular formula is 159.911 g/mol.

What is the formula nitric acid?

HNO₃Nitric acid / Formula

Is Iodous acid ionic or covalent?

Naming Acids Ionic and Covalent Compounds

dihydrogen monosulfide H2S
beryllium oxide BeO
chromic acid H2CrO4
iodous acid HIO2

What is the difference between hydroiodic acid and iodic acid?

As adjectives the difference between hydroiodic and iodic is that hydroiodic is (chemistry) composed of hydrogen and iodine while iodic is (chemistry) of, or relating to iodine or its compounds, especially those in which it has a valency of five.

What does Iodous mean?

Definition of iodous : relating to or containing iodine and especially iodine with a valence of three iodous acid HIO2.

What is name of HIO3?

Iodic acid (HIO3)

Why is h2so3 called sulfurous acid?

major reference. When sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water, an acidic solution results. This has long been loosely called a sulfurous acid, H2SO3, solution.

What is the formula mass of sulfurous acid h2so3?

82.07 g/mol
Properties of Sulfurous Acid – H2SO3

H2SO3 Sulfurous acid
Molecular weight of H2SO3 82.07 g/mol
No. of hydrogen bond acceptor 4
Monoisotopic mass of Sulfurous Acid 81.97 g/mol
No. of hydrogen bond donor 2

What is the price of nitric acid?

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