What is the biggest Link-Belt crane?


What is the biggest Link-Belt crane?

The largest telescopic-boom crawler crane in Link-Belt’s three-model range, the TCC-1100, has a rated lift capacity of 110 tons and uses a 150-foot, five-section main boom that provides three operator-controlled extend-modes, depending on the operating situation.

Who makes Link-Belt cranes?

Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Link-Belt Cranes is an American industrial company that develops and manufactures heavy construction equipment, specializing in telescopic and lattice boom cranes. Link-Belt is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, and is a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate, Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

Where is link-belt manufactured?

Lexington, Kentucky
Link-Belt’s core production base and center for worldwide operations is its 770,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky. With major expansion plans over the last ten years along with continuous improvement philosophies, this facilitiy has emerged as the most modern crane facility in North America.

What is a link-belt speeder?

Link-Belt Speeder Company manufactured road building equipment that included cranes power shovels, excavators, draglines, hoes and pile drivers. These products were also used in a variety of other industries as heavy material-handling equipment.

What is a luffing boom?

The Luffing Boom Crane was designed to meet the requirements of the restricted job site. With a short tail-swing and the ability to raise and lower its boom, it easily adapts to construction site demands providing complete coverage while avoiding obstructions.

Is Link-Belt a good brand?

Link Belt is the brand you can trust. Link Belt excavators are professionally tested for higher reliability, improved operation and a design that makes operation & maintenance that much easier. Link Belt machines haven proven to be a series of excavators that are built to last and very affordable.

Is Link-Belt made by case?

Is link belt made by case? A GLOBAL JOINT VENTURE FORMS and Case Corp. to market and sell Link-Belt Excavators. Today’s Link-Belt Cranes is a dynamic, highly-focused organization with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries.

What is a fly jib on a crane?

A fly jib is a lifting device which assists a crane operator in picking and placing a load at a target area. A fly jib is particularly useful in that it allows the crane operator to place the load, such as construction materials, inside a multistory building.

Are Link Belt cranes good?

Very good company. They allow you to live and learn by experience and mistakes. I highly recommend a career at Link Belt Cranes. They are a great model for modern manufacturing.

Who owns Link-Belt?

Sumitomo Heavy IndustriesLink-Belt Cranes / Parent organization