What is the 802 Group established by the IEEE?


What is the 802 Group established by the IEEE?

The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee develops and maintains networking standards and recommended practices for local, metropolitan, and other area networks, using an open and accredited process, and advocates them on a global basis.

What is IEEE 802.11 a standard?

What Does IEEE 802.11a Mean? IEEE 802.11a is an amendment to the 802.11 standard for wireless LANs. It is of of the specifications that is more commonly known as Wi-Fi. 802.11a uses radio frequencies in the 5 GHz band and supports theoretical throughput of up to 54 Mbps.

Which 802 standard is used for wireless?

IEEE 802.11
IEEE 802.11 is a standards working group on wireless local area networks. The working group is a part of IEEE LMSC (LAN MAN Standards Committee) formerly called IEEE Project 802.

What is the frequency range of the IEEE 802?

IEEE 802.11 uses various frequencies including, but not limited to, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz, and 60 GHz frequency bands. Although IEEE 802.11 specifications list channels that might be used, the radio frequency spectrum availability allowed varies significantly by regulatory domain.

What is a IEEE standard for a token string?

IEEE 802.4 describes a token bus LAN standards.In token passing methods, stations connected on a bus are arranged in a logical ring. In this method only the station having token(token holder)is being permitted to transmit frames. IEEE 802.5. IEEE 802.5 describes the token ring standards.

How many IEEE standards are used by wireless LAN?

There are several standards of IEEE 802.11 WLANs. The prominent among them are 802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11p. All the standards use carrier-sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA). Also, they have support for both centralised base station based as well as ad hoc networks.

What is the frequency range of IEEE 802.11 a standard a 2.4 Gbps B 5gbps C 2.4 GHz D 5GHz?

The IEEE 802.11b standard provides the lowest data rate at 1Mbps, but it also has the longest distance, which is about 350 feet. What is the frequency range of the IEEE 802.11b standard? Explanation: The IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards both run in the 2.4GHz RF range….wireless-technologies.

A. 2.4Gbps
D. 5GHz