What is TaqMan Fast Advanced master mix?


What is TaqMan Fast Advanced master mix?

TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix delivers accurate quantification and dependability in less time on an array of qPCR instrument platforms. It provides best in class performance, including the widest quantifiable range, in both single and duplex reactions, even with challenging targets.

What is TaqMan master mix?

TaqMan™ Master Mixes contain buffer, dNTPs, passive reference dye, thermostable hot-start DNA polymerase, and other components formulated for reliable TaqMan™ Assay-based real-time PCR. Just add your sample and TaqMan Assay, and start your reactions.

What is master mix in RT PCR?

A PCR master mix, sometimes known as super mix or ready mix, is a batch mixture of PCR reagents at optimal concentrations that can be prepared and divided among many PCR tubes or 96-well PCR plates. The master mix usually includes DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and buffer.

What does the master mix solution contain?

A master mix usually contains a thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, and proprietary additives in a buffer optimized for PCR. Only template, primers, probes (if being used), and water, to make up the volume, need to be added.

What is a TaqMan assay?

TaqMan genotyping assays are used to amplify and detect specific alleles in genomic DNA (gDNA). The figure below depicts the TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assay process. Genomic DNA is introduced into a reaction mixture consisting of TaqMan® Genotyping Master Mix, forward and reverse primers and two TaqMan® MGB Probes.

What are TaqMan and SYBR Green?

SYBR Green is a method based on intercalating nucleic acid staining dye while Taqman is a method based on hydrolysis probe. Both technologies are designed to generate fluorescence during the PCR, which allows real-time PCR machine to monitor the reaction in “real time”.

What is the purpose of MgCl2 in PCR?

MgCl2 (Magnesium chloride) is an essential ingredient of the PCR master mix. Acting as a cofactor, it enhances the enzymatic activity of DNA polymerase, thereby boosting DNA amplification.