What is RevMan used for?


What is RevMan used for?

Review Manager (RevMan) is Cochrane’s software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane reviews. RevMan facilitates preparation of protocols and full reviews, including text, characteristics of studies, comparison tables, and study data. It can perform meta-analysis of the data entered, and present results graphically.

What is RevMan Web?

RevMan Web is a new web-based software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. In these videos, orginally part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, you will learn about the advantages of using a web application, get a walk-through in the application and learn how to start using it to edit your review.

Can we use RevMan for scoping reviews?

“You can use RevMan for protocols and full reviews.

Is RevMan easy to use?

For statisticians who work in the medical research area, RevMan is an easy tool to perform the meta analyses and generate the graphs (forest plot, funnel plot) in publication standard.

Who can use RevMan Web?

RevMan Web is Cochrane’s online review-writing platform. It is available for use by all authors and editors of Cochrane Reviews of interventions. Getting started in RevMan Web is easy. Take 2 minutes out of your day to view the Quickstart guides for authors and editorial teams.

Is RevMan free?

RevMan is free of charge if used for purely academic use. However, it will be helpful to have some very basic information about the purpose of your planned use of RevMan 5.

How sensitivity analysis works in RevMan?

Sensitivity analysis in RevMan Web

  1. Change the analysis model.
  2. Exclude results from specific studies.
  3. Change the effect measure.
  4. Change the scale.
  5. Save the image to share the results with someone who doesn’t have access to RevMan.

What RevMan 5 software?

► RevMan 5 is the desktop version of the software used for editing reviews not currently editable in RevMan Web (diagnostic test accuracy reviews), for non-Cochrane reviews, and for offline working. You can use RevMan 5 alongside RevMan Web if needed.

How much does RevMan cost?

All Answers (5) You can perform your meta-analysis and Risk of bias assessment and publish your work anywhere you want, just keep the credit by mention the software by which you performed your meta-analysis in the methodology. Revman is a free software being provided by Cochrane community.

Is RevMan open source?

RevMan (v5. 3), the open-access text editor for authors of reviews [2], produces structured XML (Extensible Markup Language) files (.

How is RevMan prevalence calculated?

  1. Enter your studies in RevMan.
  2. Go to Data and analysis.
  3. Click on add outcome.
  4. Click on the Generic Inverse Variance option.
  5. Enter the name of your outcome.
  6. The statistical method should be chosen as Inverse Variance.
  7. You can choose the model you wish to use.