What is Osico?


What is Osico?

Osico is a personal nickname derived from Ositadimma, African tongue, meaning, when good thing starts today it has been from the start.

What does callate El Osico?

Translation of “cállate el hocico” in English. cállate. shut up be quiet.

How do you pronounce hocico?

  1. oh. thee. koh.
  2. o. θi. ko.
  3. ho. ci. co.

How do you say mouth in Spanish slang?

sico [hocico] (slang for “mouth”)

How do you spell hocico?

The muzzle of an animal such as a dog is its nose and mouth.

Is Abuelita rude?

Abuelita is more like an endearment way to say grandmother, like Grammy or Nana. Abuela is more impersonal.