What is NetBackup master server?


What is NetBackup master server?

The master server manages backups, archives, and restores. The master server is responsible for media and device selection for NetBackup. Typically, the master server contains the NetBackup catalog. The catalog contains the internal databases that contain information about NetBackup backups and configuration.

What is master server?

A master server is the single host in a particular domain that maintains the authoritative maps.

Can we use a VM as master server in NetBackup?

NetBackup Master Server virtualization is possible, and in some cases preferable. To determine whether or not a virtualized Master Server is the right fit for your organization, assess the organization’s acceptable risk level with regard to the listed concerns.

How do I check my NetBackup master server?

Command line option to get client NetBackup version, operating system (OS), and hardware type. To get client information, run the following command from the Master server: bpgetconfig -g -L.

Can we use a VM as master server?

It is not because the master server is incapable of being virtualized; in fact, the vendor agrees it can be done. Some organizations are hesitant to virtualize their master server due to support. Issues may arise during a virtualized master server deployment that aren’t supported by Symantec.

What is client server in NetBackup?

A server protected by NetBackup is known as a NetBackup client. NetBackup software installs on a server known as a media server. During backups, the client sends data across the network to a NetBackup media server, which selects the correct storage media as a backup target.

How do you make a master server?

To make a master server

  1. In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, and then expand that instance.
  2. Right-click SQL Server Agent, point to Multi Server Administration, and then click Make this a Master.

How do I start Nbdb?

From a command prompt, restart the nbdb database by issuing the nbdb_admin -start NBDB command (from the /usr/openv/db/bin directory on a UNIX/Linux server or the \veritas\netbackup\bin directory on a Windows server).