What is Nashua NH famous for?


What is Nashua NH famous for?

Nashua is located in Hillsborough County. It was twice named “Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine. It developed around the previously thriving textile industry. The downtown serves as the region’s commercial and entertainment center.

What towns make up Hillsborough County NH?


  • Amherst.
  • Antrim.
  • Bedford.
  • Bennington.
  • Brookline.
  • Deering.
  • Francestown.
  • Goffstown.

Who is the sheriff in Hillsborough County NH?

Sheriff Christopher D. Connelly
Sheriff Christopher D. Connelly, the 29th Sheriff of Hillsborough County, is responsible for leading, guiding and directing the operations of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

What county is Hillsborough New Hampshire?

Hillsborough CountyHillsboro / County

What county is Merrimack?

Hillsborough CountyMerrimack / County

Who is the most famous person in New Hampshire?

10 of the Most Famous People From New Hampshire

  • Adam Sandler. Love or hate his movies, you cannot deny that Adam Sandler has done pretty well for himself after growing up in Manchester, NH.
  • Mandy Moore.
  • John Irving.
  • Dan Brown.
  • Robert Frost.
  • Sarah Silverman.
  • J.D.
  • Alan Shepard.

What is the wealthiest town in NH?

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
New Hampshire is the eighth wealthiest state in the United States, having a median household income of $76,768 as of 2019….New Hampshire communities by household income.

Rank Community Median household income
1 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire $129,531
2 Bedford, New Hampshire $127,945
3 Amherst, New Hampshire $127,246

What is the racial makeup of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire Demographics White: 92.88% Asian: 2.68% Two or more races: 2.10% Black or African American: 1.60%