What is MI Caro?


What is MI Caro?

my dear. More meanings for mio caro. my darling.

What is Mi Caballo?

Audio Player. Explore the Andes region of South America with this authentic folk song from Chile. With both Spanish and English lyrics, your students will understand the meaning and style of this traditional mountain song.

What is the meaning of mi mejor amiga?

English Translation. best friend. Find more words! Another word for.

Is Cara Mia feminine?

The feminine form is mia cara. Or as Gomez Addams always called Morticia “Cara mia!” My darling!

What is a Karo?

a : a shrub or small tree (P. crassifolium) with fastigiate branches.

What does Cato mean in Spanish?

ca·to Masculine – Noun – Singular. Translate “Cato” to English: Cato. Spanish Synonyms of “Cato”: Catón. Translate “cato” to English: astringent substance extracted from tropical Asian plants including acacias and used for dyeing and tanning, catechu, Terra Japonica.

What is a mejor amigo?

best friend. More meanings for mejor amigo. best friend noun. mejor amigo. best mate.

What does Caramio mean?

1. ( anger) darn (colloquial) ¡Caramba! ¡Se me cayó mi laptop!

Can you say Cara Mia to a boy?

When addressing the dear one, you would say to a male person “caro mio” and “cara mia” to a female person. If you want to say “he is my dear friend,” it is “lui è il mio caro amico,” and for “she is my dear friend,” “lei è la mia cara amica.” “Caro mio” if it is a boy. “Cara mia” if it is a girl.