What is L-Mesitran used for?


What is L-Mesitran used for?

Dynarex® L-Mesitran® Soft is indicated for use on chronic wounds, pressure ulcers (stages 1-4), venous stasis ulcers, fungating wounds, colonized acute wounds, surgical wounds, post-operative wounds, traumatic wounds (superficial wounds, cuts), and superficial and partial-thickness burns.

How do you use L-Mesitran wound gel?

L-Mesitran Ointment is suitable for the treatment of chronic, oncological and acute wounds like abrasions, cuts and burns. For optimal effect, applying a thin layer is enough. Changing dressings once a day or once every other day is sufficient. The ointment will not adhere to the wound.

How do I use Silvercel?


  1. Cut (using clean scissors) or fold the dressing to fit the wound.
  2. Loosely pack deep wounds, ensuring the dressing does not overlap the wound margins.
  3. For heavily exuding wounds, apply to wound bed directly.
  4. Cover and secure SILVERCEL™ Dressing with a non-occlusive secondary dressing.

What is L Mesitran soft?

L-Mesitran® Soft is a powerful combination of Medical Grade Honey and antioxidants to provide antimicrobial action and increase patient compliance. Created with sensitive patients in mind due to its lower honey content, Soft helps to promote wound healing and stimulate cell migration.

How do you apply ointment to a wound?

Dress and manage the wound

  1. Large wounds benefit from the application of topical antibiotics such as tetracycline ointment – apply thinly to the wound’s surrounding.
  2. Cover the cleaned wound with a dressing.
  3. If the injury is a minor scrape or scratch, you can leave it uncovered.

Is manuka honey same as MediHoney?

MEDIHONEY is a brand name wound and burn gel made from 100% Leptospermum (Manuka) honey. Manuka honey is unique in that it has antibacterial and bacterial resistant properties, meaning it prevents bacteria from building a tolerance to its beneficial effects.

Can you put manuka honey in hot tea?

If your throat is feeling sore, one of the best ways to enjoy Manuka honey is to stir it into hot water or tea.