What is $@ in shell script?


What is $@ in shell script?

$@ refers to all of a shell script’s command-line arguments. $1 , $2 , etc., refer to the first command-line argument, the second command-line argument, etc. Place variables in quotes if the values might have spaces in them.

How do I use wget file?

Download a Single File Copy the URL for a file you’d like to download in your browser. Now head back to the Terminal and type wget followed by the pasted URL. The file will download, and you’ll see progress in realtime as it does.

Why is curl called curl?

cURL (pronounced ‘curl’) is a computer software project providing a library (libcurl) and command-line tool (curl) for transferring data using various network protocols. The name stands for “Client URL”, which was first released in 1997.

How do you pass a named argument in a shell script?

if [[ $1 == *”–“* ]]; then v=”${1/–/}” declare $v=”$2″ # echo $1 $2 // Optional to see the parameter:value result fi This is a simple way to pass parameters to a shell script, indicating the name and value with a simple identifier.

How do I use curl in REST API?

The syntax for the curl command is as follows: curl [options] [URL…]…Here are the options that we’ll use when making requests:

  1. -X , –request – The HTTP method to be used.
  2. -i , –include – Include the response headers.
  3. -d , –data – The data to be sent.
  4. -H , –header – Additional header to be sent.

What protocol does curl use?

curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using one of the supported protocols (DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, MQTT, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, SMBS, SMTP, SMTPS, TELNET and TFTP). The command is designed to work without user interaction.

How do I run REST API?

First, click on the green POST box. In the top right corner, we see the API method name, Create Employee. This is documentation Swagger extracts from the application code. Many REST Servers use Swagger or a similar web application to document their APIs.

What does sh do in bash?

bash script.sh invokes the script directly using the bash. ./script.sh is using the shebang #!/bin/bash to determine how to execute. If you really want to know, which binary is executed if you do a bash script.sh you could find out with which bash . So in your example it makes no difference.

What is difference between cURL and REST API?

Postman is an API testing environment. cURL is a command line tool for transfering data via URLs. When it comes to REST APIs, we can use Postman as a GUI (graphical user interface) and cURL as a CLI (command line interface) to do the same tasks.

Why do we use curl?

It uses URL syntax to transfer data to and from servers. curl is a widely used because of its ability to be flexible and complete complex tasks. For example, you can use curl for things like user authentication, HTTP post, SSL connections, proxy support, FTP uploads, and more!

What is sudo sh?

Sh is a shell for running commands, so executing sh with sudo gives you a root shell. This means all commands in that shell are executed as root.

What does sh mean in Linux?

sh stands for “shell” and shell is the old, Unix like command line interpreter. An interpreter is an program that executes specific instructions written in a programming or scripting language. So basically you say “Execute that file for me”.

What is the use of curl in Linux?

Curl Command in Linux with Examples. curl is a command-line utility for transferring data from or to a server designed to work without user interaction. With curl , you can download or upload data using one of the supported protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, SCP , SFTP , and FTP .

What is difference between wget and curl?

The main difference between them is that curl will show the output in the console. On the other hand, wget will download it into a file.

What is Curl API?

Client for URLs (or cURL) is a software project comprised of two development efforts – cURL and libcurl. cURL is a command-line tool for getting or sending files using URL syntax. Since cURL uses libcurl, it supports the same range of common Internet protocols that libcurl does.

What is sh file?

A shell script or sh-file is something between a single command and a (not necessarily) small programm. The basic idea is to chain a few shell commands together in a file for ease of use. So whenever you tell the shell to execute that file, it will execute all the specified commands in order.

How does curl test REST API?

The methodology of testing REST

  1. form data for the request.
  2. form a command for the request and select the request method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  3. pass the command to curl (or to Postman)
  4. get a response from the server (in the form of HTTP code, and data, for example in JSON, HTML, XML) and write to a file.

Is curl a GET or POST?

If you use -d in the request, curl automatically specifies a POST method. With GET requests, including the HTTP method is optional, because GET is the default method used.

How do I use wget sh?

To use the wget script:

  1. Right-click on the link to the wget script at the bottom of the download page, and save it to your local machine.
  2. Make sure the wget file is executable.
  3. Run the script by typing “./wget_NNNN.sh” from inside the same directory as the script.

What is REST API services?

A REST API (also known as RESTful API) is an application programming interface (API or web API) that conforms to the constraints of REST architectural style and allows for interaction with RESTful web services. An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software.

What is difference between bash and sh?

bash and sh are two different shells. Basically bash is sh, with more features and better syntax. Bash stands for “Bourne Again SHell”,and is a replacement/improvement of the original Bourne shell (sh). Shell scripting is scripting in any shell, whereas Bash scripting is scripting specifically for Bash.

How do I get wget?

To install and configure wget for Windows:

  1. Download wget for Windows and install the package.
  2. Add the wget bin path to environment variables (optional).
  3. Open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and start running wget commands.

What is curl script?

curl is a command line tool to transfer data to or from a server, using any of the supported protocols (HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, SCP, SFTP, SMTP, TFTP, TELNET, LDAP or FILE). curl is powered by Libcurl. This tool is preferred for automation, since it is designed to work without user interaction.