What is IC CICS?


What is IC CICS?

IC – Insert cursor. The cursor will be positioned in this field. In case, IC is specified more than once, the cursor is placed in the last field.

What is Prot in CICS?

PROT Specifies that user can’t able to enter the data into the field. But cursor can be placed on the same field. PROT is coded for output and stopper fields. UNPROT is coded for input-output fields and specifies the data can be keyed into the field.

What is BMS map?

Basic mapping support (BMS) is an application programming interface between CICS® programs and terminal devices. Creating the map. BMS provides three assembler language macro instructions (macros) for defining maps. This method of map definition is still widely used, and this is the method that is described here.

Which of the following is BMS map design tool?

BMS Screen Design is a function of the BMS Map Editor. This tool provides visual creation and modification of BMS map sets. A BMS map set defines a screen for a CICS® application.

What is attribute byte in CICS?

The attribute byte of any field stores information about the physical properties of the field.

What is Tioapfx?

TIOAPFX abbreviated as Terminal Input/Output Area PreFiX. Specifies the BMS should include a filler in the symbolic description maps to allow for the unused Terminal Input/Output Area (TIOA) prefix . TIOAPFX=YES resumes 12 bytes of storage space in the memory to execute CICS commands against the map.

What is Dfhcommarea in CICS?

DFHCOMMAREA. DFHCOMMAREA is a special memory area which is provided by CICS to every task. It is used to pass data from one program to another program. The programs can exist in the same transaction or in different transaction also. It is declared in the Linkage Section of the program at 01 level.

What is the use of attribute byte?

What is the full form of CICS?

CICS® stands for “Customer Information Control System.” It is a general-purpose transaction processing subsystem for the z/OS® operating system.