What is famous in Pillayarpatti?


What is famous in Pillayarpatti?

Karpaga Vinayagar Temple
Pillayarpatti Temple. Karpaga Vinayagar Temple is one of the oldest Cave Temples (Rock Cut) of Tamilnadu and situated at Pillayarpatti, Which is between Pudukkottai and Karaikudi. Pillayarpatti is situated at a distance of 71kms from Madurai and 12 kms from Karaikudi on Thirupathur – Karaikudi State Highway.

How old is Pillayarpatti?

The temple is believed to be at least 1600 years old. It consists of 14 stone inscriptions which date between 400 AD and 1238 AD. From those inscriptions it is understood that the place was called Ekkattur then.

How old is pillaiyar?

Karpaka Vinayaka Temple or Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar Temple is a 7th-century CE rock-cut cave shrine, significantly expanded over the later centuries.

Which district of Pillayarpatti?

Pillaiyarpatti is a village in the Thanjavur taluk of the Thanjavur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

What is special in Sivaganga?

One of the most popular places to visit in Sivagangai happens to be the Pattamangalam Guru Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple attracts thousands of pilgrims the year-round. On the other hand, the Maddapuram Kali Temple is yet another prominent attraction in Sivagangai.

Who is pillaiyar?

Pillaiyar is the South Indian and Tamil name for God Ganesha, who is considered as the one who helps any work to get through without any obstructions. He is worshiped first with prayers for success in any event of Hindu religion irrespective of denominations.

Which caste is more in Sivaganga?

Sivaganga Taluka Data

Total Male
Literacy 79.06% 78.11%
Scheduled Caste 45,579 22,661
Scheduled Tribe 63 30
Illiterate 84,366 31,294

Is Chettinad and Karaikudi the same?

Karaikudi and surrounding areas are generally referred as “Chettinad”. Chettinad comprises a network of 73 villages and 2 towns forming clusters spread over a territory of 1,550 km2 in the Districts of Sivagangai and Pudukottai in the State of Tamil Nadu. Karaikudi is the largest town in Chettinad.

Why is Karaikudi famous?

Karaikudi is the largest town of the Sivaganga district and is famous for its limestone houses called Karai Veedu in local parlance. It is believed that the town got its name from the karai plant, which is found in abundance here.

Is Vinayagar Tamil God?

They ritualistically denounce Vinayaka as an ‘Aryan’-imported god and believe he is not an ‘original’ Tamil deity. The aversion to Ganesha comes from the ace Dravidianist Periyar E V Ramasamy (EVR).