What is embedded net DVR?


What is embedded net DVR?

Embedded DVRs provide all the features that come with computer based DVR systems including network support options that allow you to share the recorded data. The motion of the camera can be controlled based on motion and playback and search option are also available.

Why is my Hikvision NVR offline?

If the Register Status is still offline, you may need to check the network. a) Check the Hik-Connect Server accessible or not. i. Connect your PC to the same LAN of the device.

How can I access my Hikvision DVR remotely from my computer?

Go the following menu location: Configuration –> Network –> Platform Access. PRODUCTS: HIKVISION DEVICES TOPICS COVERED IN THIS KBA: How to enable Hik-Connect remote access on HIK devices (NVR/DVR/Camera). c. Select the Enable tick box at the top of the page.

How can I access my DVR from outside Network?

Login to your DVR by pressing the menu button on the DVR or on the wireless remote control. When you are prompt to enter a password, just press the OK button on the DVR or remote. The default admin password for the DVR is blank. If you have already setup an admin password for your DVR, then enter this, then press OK.

Does DVR have IP address?

DVR IP address: The IP address of your DVR. The default IP address for DVRs and NVRs purchased from CCTV Camera World is 192.168. 1.108. Ports that need to be port forwarded: check within the DVR’s network settings to confirm the values for ports it uses.

How do I fix hikvision offline?

  1. Open the Main Menu by clicking the Cog icon and then browse to Network > TCP/IP.
  2. Set your Preferred DNS Server so that it is the same as your IPv4 Default Gateway and set your Alternate DNS Server to 8.8. 8.8 and press Apply.
  3. To check if this has worked browse to Network > Advanced > Platform Access.

How can I access my Hikvision DVR from outside Network?

The steps to access a Hikvision DVR from a mobile are very simple. Just install the iVMS-4500 App in the mobile phone, click the Hik-connect button to create an account and finally add the DVR by pointing the mobile camera to the DVR QR Code. This process is very simple and work for Hikvision remote view.