What is div tag explain with example?


What is div tag explain with example?

Definition and Usage The tag defines a division or a section in an HTML document. The tag is used as a container for HTML elements – which is then styled with CSS or manipulated with JavaScript. The tag is easily styled by using the class or id attribute.

What are the attributes of div tag?

The tag also supports the Global attributes and the Event Attributes….Attributes ΒΆ

Attribute Value Description
align left right center justify Was used to align the content inside a tag. This attribute is not supported in HTML5. CSS text-align property is used instead.

What are the types of div tags?

Divs, Spans, Id’s, and Classes

  • Div Tag. The div tag is a block level HTML element.
  • Span Tag. The span tag is an inline HTML element that is used to group a set of inline elements.
  • Id Attribute. The id attribute is used to label sections or parts of your HTML document.
  • Class Attribute.

What is the purpose of adding attributes in HTML tags?

HTML attributes can be used to change the color, size, and other features of HTML elements. For example, you can use an attribute to change the color or size of a font for a text element or the width and height for an image element.

Can a div have a name attribute?

If you need to ‘name’ a div in order to address it from javascript or otherwise uniquely identify it on a page, you can use the id attribute. That said, most modern browsers will handle a name attribute on a div with no issues but it does not conform to HTML standards.

What is div id and class?

Definition. div id is the assignment of the id attribute to a div block to apply styling or interactivity to that specific div block. In contrast, div class is the assignment of a class attribute to a number of div blocks to apply styling or interactivity to a group of div blocks.

Whats the difference between Section and div?

Both the tags ( and ) are used in the webpage, tag means that the content inside relates to a single theme, and tag is used as a block part of the webpage and don’t convey any particular meaning.

What tag is used to divide the page?

The div tag
The div tag is known as Division tag. The div tag is used in HTML to make divisions of content in the web page like (text, images, header, footer, navigation bar, etc).

What are attributes give example?

Attribute is defined as a quality or characteristic of a person, place or thing. Intelligence, charm and a sense of humor are each an example of an attribute.