What is discursive construction?


What is discursive construction?

The notion of the organization as “discursive construction” is a concept that follows from the linguistic turn and draws on various conceptualizations of “discourse.” This concept gives primacy to the ways that organizations and organizing are constituted in and through discourse.

What is discursive philosophy?

discursive – proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition. dianoetic. philosophy – the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics.

What is the discursive approach?

A discursive approach enables you to explore the construction of meanings in human interaction. The starting point in your research is that the researched phenomenon may have different meanings for people in diverse situations. The aim of your research is, therefore, to explain and analyze these various meanings.

What is Foucault theory of subjectivity?

Foucault defines subjectivity as ‘the way in which the subject experiences himself in a game of truth where he relates to himself’ (2000a: 461).

What is discursive psychology influenced by?

Discursive psychology draws on the philosophy of mind of Gilbert Ryle and the later Ludwig Wittgenstein, the rhetorical approach of Michael Billig, the ethnomethodology of Harold Garfinkel, the conversation analysis of Harvey Sacks and the sociology of scientific knowledge of those like Mike Mulkay, Steve Woolgar and …

What is subjectification in sociology?

She takes the subjectivation (subjectification or subjection) process as one by means of which one becomes the subject, following. Butler’s affirmation that control and submission occur simultaneously in the. becoming of a subject.

How does power produce subjectivity?

Subjectivity is found in close relation to power as Foucault states six power struggles in ‘The Subject and Power’ whereby the main purpose of these struggles are to fight a form of power that makes individuals subjects by marking one by their own individuality, categorising them, imposing laws of truth which one must …