What is decidual Basalis?


What is decidual Basalis?

Medical Definition of decidua basalis : the part of the endometrium in the pregnant human female that participates with the chorion in the formation of the placenta.

What is the double decidual sign on ultrasound?

The double decidual sac sign (DDSS) is a useful feature on early pregnancy ultrasound to confirm an early intrauterine pregnancy (IUP) when the yolk sac or embryo is still not visualized.

What is good decidual reaction in pregnancy?

A decidual reaction is a feature seen in very early pregnancy where there is thickening of the endometrium around the gestational sac. A thin decidual reaction of less than 2 mm is considered one of the features suggestive of an anembryonic pregnancy 2.

What causes decidual reaction in pregnancy?

During pregnancy The decidual reaction is seen in very early pregnancy in the generalized area where the blastocyst contacts the endometrial decidua. It consists of an increase in secretory functions of the endometrium at the area of implantation, as well as a surrounding stroma that becomes edematous.

What happens to the decidua basalis?

With continued growth of the embryo, the decidua basalis becomes incorporated into the maternal component of the definitive placenta. The remaining decidua, which consists of the decidualized endometrial tissue on the sides of the uterus not occupied by the embryo, is the decidua parietalis.

What is the function of decidua basalis?

The maternal component of the placenta is known as the decidua basalis. Oxygen and nutrients in the maternal blood in the intervillous spaces diffuse through the walls of the villi and enter the fetal capillaries.

When does double decidual sign appear?

At this stage the gestation sac is too small to deform the uterine cavity line. A little later, around just after 5 weeks, the double decidual sac sign is seen.

What is IUP in pregnancy?

An intrauterine pregnancy (IUP) is confirmed on ultrasound when an intrauterine gestational sac containing a yolk sac and/or a fetal heart rate is visualized with an endomyometrial mantle greater than 7mm.

What means decidua?

Definition of decidua 1 : the part of the endometrium that in higher placental mammals undergoes special modifications in preparation for and during pregnancy and is cast off at parturition. 2 : the part of the endometrium cast off in the process of menstruation.

What if decidual reaction is poor?

poor decidual reaction is after pregnancy when the lining in which the baby has to get attached is less. can not be diagnosed pre pregnancy. start progesterone support as soon as u get pregnant.

Is decidual reaction normal?

The decidual reaction is most prominent between 18 and 32 weeks with a decline near term. There is also a wide variation in the extent of decidual reaction during normal pregnancy preventing its use as a sensitive indicator of normal versus abnormal pregnancy.

How is decidua basalis formed?

The decidua is a transient layer that is localized between the fetal membranes and the myometrium and may play a role in the cross-talk between maternal and fetal compartments. It is formed during the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle as a result of elevated ovarian hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.