What is Bubba sparxx real name?


What is Bubba sparxx real name?

Warren Anderson MathisBubba Sparxxx / Full name

What ever happened to Bubba sparxx?

In 2005, Sparxxx returned to the limelight with “Ms. New Booty” leading his way back to popularity. His third album, “The Charm,” was well received by the rap community. After brief appearances on other artists’ albums and a spot in the video game “Def Jam: Fight for New York,” Sparxxx disappeared from the public eye.

What was Bubba sparxx first hit?

“Ugly” is a song by American rapper Bubba Sparxxx, released as the lead single from his debut album, Dark Days, Bright Nights….Ugly (Bubba Sparxxx song)

Released August 6, 2001
Genre Hip hop
Length 4:25
Label Interscope Beat Club

Who discovered Bubba Sparks?

Bubba was ironically discovered by manager Bobby Stamps while he was rapping at a football game at the University of Georgia. 5.

What is Bubba net worth?

Bubba the Love Sponge net worth and salary: Bubba the Love Sponge is an American radio personality who has a net worth of $4 million dollars….Bubba The Love Sponge Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 23, 1966 (55 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Radio personality
Nationality: United States of America

How did Bubba sparxx lose weight?

So together, they spent six months doing two-a-day workouts at the UCLA track with a friend Sparxxx calls “Joey the Super Trainer.” Sparxxx swiftly dropped around 45 lbs., and stayed around that weight for a year before resuming his training and slimming down to 208 lbs.

What did Bubba Sparks go to jail for?

According to TMZ, rapper Bubba Sparxxx was arrested in Clearwater, Florida last week after being caught with narcotics. Sparxxx, who was arrested at a Hooter’s Restaurant, was spotted by an off-duty police officer who saw someone hand Sparxxx drugs.

When did Bubba Sparks come out?

No doubt the first of his kind, Bubba Sparxxx dumbfounded the hip-hop community — and soon after, the mass market — when he emerged out of nowhere with Timbaland in late 2001.