What is Arisg pharmacovigilance?


What is Arisg pharmacovigilance?

• Aris G is a leading pharmacovigilance and clinical safety system. • Enables companies to reduce safety risk for multiple product types, including drugs, devices, vaccines and combination products. • Provides international safety reports for clinical and post-marketing surveillance.

What is Arisg database?

LifeSphere MultiVigilance (formerly ARISg/ARISc) – A Pharmacovigilance Database for Chinese Regulatory Compliance.

What is the difference between Argus and Arisg?

Arisg is used by most of the companies and argus is less when compared to it. Argus is user-friendly and where as arisg is little complicated and tideous tool to complete the work. Most of the companies are upgrading from arisg to argus due to its simple and user friendly, for expediting the reports in timelines.

What is LSMV?

LSMV is the next-generation safety system from ArisGlobal. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) with robotic process automation (RPA) to help organizations streamline case processing and medical review, substantially reducing manual effort.

Who is VigiFlow?

VigiFlow is a web based report management tool that simplifies report management. VigiFlow can be used by any authority or company as a complete database for report management and storage. VigiFlow is not primarily a tool for reporting to the UMC, but reports can easily be sent through the system.

How do you ensure safety of clinical trials?

You will be protected through:

  1. The informed consent process.
  2. Careful review and approval of the clinical trial protocol by: Scientific experts. An institutional review board (IRB)
  3. Ongoing monitoring of the trial by: The IRB. Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) for phase 3 trials. The organization sponsoring the trial.

What is MedDRA used for?

MedDRA can be used for signal detection and monitoring of clinical syndromes whose symptoms encompass numerous systems or organs using its multiaxial hierarchy or through the special feature of Standardised MedDRA Queries.

Why safety database is required?

This is because safety databases facilitate the reporting of individual and aggregate safety data to authorities and third parties and provides key information for the detection of safety signals and the ongoing evaluation of the risk-benefit profile of the company’s product(s).

What software is used for pharmacovigilance?

Some software’s used in pharmacovigilance are: Oracle Argus Safety. ArisG. Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS)

What is LifeSphere MultiVigilance?

Developed in partnership with the world’s best life sciences companies, LifeSphere MultiVigilance is an end-to-end, automated safety system that helps hundreds of pharmacovigilance teams around the world save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance and keep global teams aligned.

What is VigiFlow in pharmacovigilance?

What is VigiFlow? VigiFlow is a web-based ICSR data management. system. It is your country’s own national pharmacovigilance database which supports the collection, processing, analyzing and sharing of ADR and AEFI reports.

How do I access VigiFlow?

  1. To access VigiFlow please go to the following url:
  2. Email with the verification number.
  3. Your code is: 123456.
  4. Email with the verification number.