What is annunciator panel in fire alarm system?


What is annunciator panel in fire alarm system?

A fire alarm annunciator is the component of the fire alarm system that displays the status of the fire alarm system using visible and audible indicators. A fire alarm annunciator is commonly called a remote annunciator and is located in an area of the building separate from the FACP.

What is the difference between an annunciator panel and a fire alarm control panel?

The “brains” of the fire alarm system is the main control panel, which can be installed at the front entrance to a building, or in an electrical room. If the panel is installed in a secure room – such as an electrical room, there will typically be a small panel known as an annunciator at the front entrance.

What is the purpose of an annunciator?

An annunciator is an array of indicator lights and associated circuitry designed to secure a human operator’s attention by blinking and sounding an audible buzzer when a process changes into an abnormal state.

How does annunciator panel work?

In the aircraft industry, annunciator panels are groupings of annunciator lights that indicate status of the aircraft’s subsystems. The lights are usually accompanied with a test switch, which when pressed illuminates all the lights to confirm they are in working order.

How do you test annunciator?

To test Audible Contacts:

  1. Remove wires from AUD contacts in annunciator unit and check with buzzer. (No alarm)
  2. Simulate any fault and then check with buzzer again. (Buzzer will occur)
  3. Remove the fault and then check with buzzer. (Buzzer will still)
  4. From Annunciator press RESET button. (Buzzer sound will be gone)

How do I stop my fire panel from beeping?

To do this:

  1. Shut off your home’s main power breaker.
  2. Disconnect the alarm unit’s power cable.
  3. Take the alarm down.
  4. Take out the backup battery.
  5. Hold the test button for 15 seconds to drain any residual charge.
  6. Re-install or replace the backup battery.
  7. Reconnect the alarm to the power cable.
  8. Replace the alarm.