What is an example of sentence structure?


What is an example of sentence structure?

Here is an example: The girl smelled cookies, which were baking at home, so, she ran all the way there. The result of combining the three clauses and the conjunction is a compound-complex sentence that is both informational and easy to understand.

Are sentences parentheses structure?

Parenthesis. Where extra information is included in the middle of a sentence, contained within dashes, brackets or commas.

What are the 5 structure of sentence?

Most sentences in English are constructed using one of the following five patterns: Subject–Verb. Subject–Verb–Object. Subject–Verb–Adjective.

Are in sentence examples?

When to Use Is vs. Are in Sentences

  • Mary is excited about her first day of school. (Mary is singular.)
  • The dogs are playing in the backyard. (Dogs is plural.)
  • Eric’s desk is too tall for him. (Desk is singular.)
  • Mrs. Price’s students are noisy in the morning. (Students is plural.)

What are the three different sentence structures?

There are three main types of sentence structure – simple , compound and complex .

Is punctuation part of sentence structure?

The second key to using punctuation correctly is to learn a little about sentence structure and these five functions that punctuation performs related to sentence structure. Punctuation helps you to DO the following things in your writing: 1) To connect sentences (also called INDEPENDENT CLAUSES).

Is repetition a sentence structure?

In rhetoric, parallel syntax (also known as parallel construction, parallel structure, and parallelism) is a rhetorical device that consists of repetition among adjacent sentences or clauses. The repeated sentences or clauses provide emphasis to a central theme or idea the author is trying to convey.

What is the effect of sentence structure?

When it comes to communicating, sometimes less is more. Think of the importance of sentence structure – short, simple sentences or truncated sentences can create tension, haste or urgency, whereas longer compound or complex sentences are slower, and often feature in formal texts.