What is an example of restrictive and non restrictive?


What is an example of restrictive and non restrictive?

The word that is the key word used with restrictive clauses. A nonrestrictive element describes a word whose meaning is already clear without the additional words. It is not essential to the meaning of the sentence and is set off with commas. Example: The children needed sturdy shoes, which were expensive.

What are examples of non restrictive clauses?

Examples of Nonrestrictive Clauses

  • Ms.
  • For a balloon to float, it must be filled with helium, which is lighter than the air around it.
  • “Besides the bookcase in the living room, which was always called ‘the library,’ there were the encyclopedia tables and dictionary stand under windows in our dining room,” (Welty 1984).

How do you know if a relative clause is restrictive?

Restrictive relative clauses give information that defines the noun—information that’s necessary for complete identification of the noun. Use “that” or “which” for non-human nouns; use “that” or “who” for human nouns. Do not use commas. I like the paintings.

What is the difference between restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses explain with examples?

A restrictive clause modifies the noun that precedes it in an essential way. Restrictive clauses limit or identify such nouns and cannot be removed from a sentence without changing the sentence’s meaning. A nonrestrictive clause, on the other hand, describes a noun in a nonessential way.

What is restrictive and non restrictive relative clause?

What is the difference between restrictive and nonrestrictive relative clauses?

A restrictive clause introduces information that is necessary to the meaning of the sentence. A nonrestrictive clause can be removed without changing the meaning. Restrictive clauses require no punctuation; nonrestrictive clauses are usually separated from the independent clause with commas.

How can you tell the difference between a restrictive and nonrestrictive clause?

How do you identify restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses?