What is an example of a federated search engine?


What is an example of a federated search engine?

Federated search portals, either commercial or open access, generally search public access bibliographic databases, public access Web-based library catalogues (OPACs), Web-based search engines like Google and/or open-access, government-operated or corporate data collections.

What is the meaning of federated search?

Federated search is a search technique that involves indexing multiple data sources at once, then presenting this variety of results to users in one unified interface . Most traditional search methods only indexes a single data source at a time.

What is federated search in SharePoint?

As its name suggests, Federated search combines search results from multiple search engines. Federated search allows you to consume search indexes created by search engines outside of SharePoint.

What is a federated search What are the benefits of this kind of search?

With federated search, you can make all of your content easily searchable using a single tool. It eliminates the need to set up and manage multiple search tools for different types of content. Your single tool can be much more robust and comprehensive than each individual tool.

What is the word Federated mean?

Definition of federated : of, relating to, forming, or joined in a federation a union of federated republics On this Western Hemisphere all tribes and people are forming into one federated whole …—

What is federated network?

A federated network is a network model in which a number of separate networks or locations share resources (such as network services and gateways) via a central management framework that enforces consistent configuration and policies.

What is federation in cloud computing?

Cloud federation is the practice of interconnecting the cloud computing environments of two or more service providers for the purpose of load balancing traffic and accommodating spikes in demand. Cloud federation requires one provider to wholesale or rent computing resources to another cloud provider.