What is an Etray exercise?


What is an Etray exercise?

An e-tray exercise is a computer-based simulation of a real work situation and replicates an email inbox which contains information relating to a particular issue.

How do I prepare for a written assessment?

Below are some useful tips you should take note of when preparing for a written exercise.

  1. Know the language. Depending on the job, there will be a different language used to communicate.
  2. Research the company.
  3. Practice.
  4. Be sure you understand the brief.
  5. Triple-check before handing over the test.

How do you pass an intray exercise?

5 expert tips to get better at in-tray exercises

  1. Clear preparation. Preparation is key.
  2. Read all of the information carefully.
  3. Categorise and Prioritise Tasks.
  4. Manage your time effectively.
  5. Accuracy.

What is an Etray assessment?

An e-tray exercise is a simulated computer-based exercise used as part of an assessment centre. The exercise requires you to read and respond to a series of messages presented in an email inbox. The exercise is based around a fictional work/business scenario where you have been given a particular job role.

What is the Etray civil service?

The Civil Service use e-tray tests as part of their recruitment process to help them select the best candidates for a particular role. So as a graduate or senior candidate applying for a job at the Civil Service you might feel like the e-tray test is an unnecessary hoop to jump through.

What is a desktop exercise in an interview?

In-tray exercises are work simulation assessments, requiring a candidate to assume the role of an employee at a fictitious organisation. Candidates will be presented with a workplace scenario, which is usually a return from a holiday or break, requiring the candidate to catch up on work which has built up.

What are the questions asked in written interview?

General questions

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself.
  • How would your previous employer describe you in three words?
  • Why are you interested in a writing position?
  • Who is your favorite writer?
  • What book are you currently reading?
  • What are your favorite publications?
  • What do you know about our company?

What is the use of written assessment?

Writing assessment can be used for a variety of appropriate purposes, both inside the classroom and outside: providing assistance to students, awarding a grade, placing students in appropriate courses, allowing them to exit a course or sequence of courses, certifying proficiency, and evaluating programs– to name some …

How do I pass Etray?

How to pass an e-tray exercise

  1. Research the role and organisation:
  2. Prioritisation:
  3. Stay calm under pressure:
  4. Follow instructions:
  5. Make a plan:
  6. Structure your response correctly:
  7. Critical thinking:

What is an intray task?

How long is an in tray exercise?

between 30 minutes to 80 minutes
In-tray and e-tray exercises are timed, usually ranging from anywhere between 30 minutes to 80 minutes. If you need extra time due to a disability, this can usually be arranged if raised in advance or flagged on the application form.