What is a Title 5 in Massachusetts?


What is a Title 5 in Massachusetts?

Title 5 requires the proper siting, construction, and maintenance of all on-site wastewater disposal systems. On-site systems that are not properly located and maintained can contribute pathogens and nutrients to surface and ground waters, endangering drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat, and surface water bodies.

Is a Title 5 required in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts requires all septic systems to be inspected (a Title 5 Inspection) by a certified inspector at the time of sale or title transfer, except for limited cases of transfers/sales by close family, even when a property is purchased with cash with a Quit Claim Deed or as-is per MGL c.

What is a Title 5 buffer in Massachusetts?

The Title 5 dataset is a polygon buffer layer representing a variable width buffer zone around water features and other natural resources. The buffer areas represent the setback requirements for the installation of septic systems near specific natural resources and water features.

What is Title 5 inspection in MA?

A Title 5 Inspection is designed to ensure that your septic system is running efficiently, that it has been properly pumped and maintained and that there are no issues with regard to the construction or use of it. A Title 5 Inspection is required for residential septic systems each and every time you sell your home.

How long is Title 5 good for in MA?

two years
A Title V inspection is considered valid for two years. However, if the homeowner has his septic system pumped every year, it is valid for three years.

Can you sell a house in Massachusetts with a cesspool?

Also, cesspools must be upgraded before an increase in the design flow. As an example, if there is a bedroom addition put on the home. If you decide not to sell your home, a Massachusetts Title 5 is good for two years from the date it is completed. It can also be extended for a 3rd year if it is pumped in both years.

Can you install your own septic system in Massachusetts?

C) INSTALLATION BY HOMEOWNER: If a Homeowner wants to install his/her own septic system and has never held an installers license, he/she must hire a licensed Disposal System Installer with the FRCOG CPHS to oversee the installation.

Can you build on a wetland in MA?

Massachusetts has one of the most restrictive wetlands and environmental codes in the U.S. Simply put you cannot do anything — not clear, cut, fill, dump (not even leaves, grass clippings or dirt), alter, grade, landscape or build upon — any wetland resource area without a permit from your local town Conservation …