What is a TFT nozzle?


What is a TFT nozzle?

TFT handline nozzle is all conventional handline sizes in ONE. The wide range flow of 95-300 GPM allows the handline nozzle to be used on ANY SIZE HOSE. The TFT handline nozzle is fully automatic with a flow capacity of 95-300 GPM.

What is a fixed Gallonage nozzle?

Fixed gallonage A nozzle that provides constant gallonage with an adjustable pattern of spray from straight stream to wide fog. Benefits: Easy to use; operates in a wide range of nozzle pressures from 50 to 100 psi.

How does an automatic fog nozzle work?

The automatic nozzle uses a principle very similar to that of a pumper relief valve. A highly dependable spring, connected to the baffle that forms the discharge orifice, is balanced against the water pressure in the nozzle. The pressure-control spring senses any increase or decrease in pressure within the nozzle.

How much pressure do you need for a smooth bore nozzle?

Smooth bore nozzles generate effective streams at nozzle pressures as low 30 PSI, but the stream will degrade at pressures over 60 PSI.

How often should fire nozzles be replaced?

Even though a section of 15- year old fire hose may still pass an annual test, the fire chief should consider a 10-year maximum service life under normal operating conditions.

How does a nozzle work?

The most basic nozzle consists simply of a duct. The air exiting the turbine is often traveling greater than Mach 1, but this creates high friction losses, so the flow is immediately slowed by diffusion. The whirl of the turbine exit flow is reduced by the turbine rear support struts, which turn the flow straight.

How do you measure a spray nozzle?

Selecting Your Nozzle Size You’ll want to determine the nozzle flow rate at gallons per minute (gpm). To find that, start with your application rate in gallons per acre (gpa). Next, find an efficient and safe ground speed in miles per hour (mph). Then, determine the spray width per nozzle (W).