What is a summary of the book monster?


What is a summary of the book monster?

Monster is a novel by Walter Dean Myers. Published in 1999, it follows the story of a Black teenager named Steve Harmon, who is on trial for murder. In order to document the events of the trial, Steve decides to pen a screenplay, and this is the frame through which most of the story is told.

How does Victor describe the monster?

The monster now begins to take shape, and Victor describes his creation in full detail as “beautiful” yet repulsive with his “yellow skin,””lustrous black, and flowing” hair, and teeth of “pearly whiteness.” Victor describes the monster’s eyes, considered the windows upon the soul, as “watery eyes, that seemed almost …

What does the monster request of Victor in Chapter 10?

The monster pleads with Victor to be allowed to tell his side of the story. The creature asks that he be made a happy and docile being once again.

What does the creature want from Victor?

The creature wants Victor to create a companion for him. He wants his companion to be of his own species.

What page does Victor create the monster?

Chapter 5
In chapter 5 of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor has finally finished his scientific creation. He has put together a human body from various parts, but when he animates the creature, it is not at all what he was expecting.

Why does the monster burn down the cottage?

His last link with society destroyed, the monster gives in to rage and a desire for revenge. He burns down the cottage and heads for Geneva and Victor. Its innocence and hopes of inclusion in society dashed, the monster is left with only pain, and naturally wants to hurt those who hurt it.

What demand does the creature make in Chapter 17?

The creature demand Victor create a mate for him so he would not be alone, promising he and the new creature would flee to South America and avoid people forever.

What is the theme of the book Monster?

The main themes in Monster are omnipresent violence, the dehumanizing effects of racial prejudice, the injustice of the justice system, and filmmaking and real life. Omnipresent violence: The novel considers the impact of one’s environment on one’s life. Steve’s environment is one defined by constant violence.

What was the purpose of the book Monster?

Monster is a story about young sixteen-year-old, Steve Harmon, who is on trial for being an accessory in a murder-robbery. The novel is written in a first person “movie style” that encompasses all of his emotions in a scene by scene setting. Myers brings out a theme of racism through multiple scenes in the novel.

What did the monster do?

Seeking revenge on his creator, he kills Victor’s younger brother. After Victor destroys his work on the female monster meant to ease the monster’s solitude, the monster murders Victor’s best friend and then his new wife.

What does Frankenstein’s monster symbolize?

The monster represents the conscience created by Victor, the ego of Victor’s personality — the psyche which experiences the external world, or reality, through the senses, that organizes the thought processes rationally, and that governs action.

How does Victor treat the monster?

Because the creature looks like a monster, he is treated as one despite his initial benevolence, and so he becomes one. Because Victor looks like an angel, he is treated as one despite being a monster, and he never grows and changes.