What is a stressor?


What is a stressor?

Broadly defined, a stressor is a stimulus that causes stress. A stressor triggers a stress response in the body, which causes a physiological change. This change causes us to either fight or run from the source of the stress. The fight-or-flight response is a primal mechanism designed for humans to quickly react to life-threatening situations.

What is a stressor and how does it affect your health?

This is where the term stressor comes from. At their best, stressors can be beneficial to us, allowing us to survive and thrive in the world. But at their worst, stressors can cause serious physical and mental problems, leading to a deterioration of our health. Broadly defined, a stressor is a stimulus that causes stress.

What are absolute stressors?

Stressors, whether absolute or relative, cause the release of stress hormones. These days, absolute stressors are few and far between. Stress is highly personal because we have to interpret a situation as stressful. Although what stresses you is surely different from what stresses others.

How does Zyto manage stressors?

Managing stressors is one of the primary areas we are concerned with at ZYTO. Our technology uses digital representations of items that can be considered stressors to the body to provide a picture of wellness. With ZYTO, changes in galvanic skin response are measured as each stressor is introduced.