What is a non-union scaphoid fracture?


What is a non-union scaphoid fracture?

When the scaphoid bone is broken, it may not heal properly because it has a very fragile blood supply. Scaphoid fractures that do not heal are referred to as a scaphoid non-union. Ultimately, scaphoid non-unions can lead to loss of wrist motion and eventual wrist arthritis.

What is a proximal pole scaphoid fracture?

The main blood supply of the scaphoid enters through the dorsoradial ridge of the scaphoid. By definition, proximal pole nonunions have partial ischemia or complete avascular necrosis, because the fracture line isolates the proximal pole from the perforating vessels.

How do you treat a non-union scaphoid fracture?

Nonoperative treatments of scaphoid nonunions include electrical or ultrasound bone stimulation combined with cast immobilization. Nonunion by conventional terms is a nonhealed scaphoid 6 months after injury, whereas a delayed union is a time frame that is less than 6 months.

What part of the scaphoid is most commonly affected by non-union?

Scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse (SNAC) is the end-stage and is managed with wrist fusion or proximal row carpectomy. Avascular necrosis – The incidence of this is approximately 30-40%. This is most likely to affect the proximal pole.

What does non-union fracture mean?

Nonunion and malunion fractures are identified with defective healing: nonunion describes the failure of a fractured bone to heal and mend after an extended period of time; malunion refers to a fracture that has healed in a deformed position, or with shortening or rotation of the limb.

How long does it take for a non displaced scaphoid fracture to heal?

Scaphoid fractures are a type of broken wrist. They happen when you break your scaphoid bone — a small bone near the base of your thumb. You might need surgery, but even if you do, you should make a full recovery. People usually need around three months to heal from a scaphoid fracture.

What does non union fracture mean?

Can you move your wrist with a scaphoid fracture?

A scaphoid fracture that is correctly treated soon after the injury will take about 12 weeks to heel. But an untreated fracture may take as long as six months to recover from. Untreated patients will also usually experience long-term problems moving their wrist or other complications (see below).