What is a mustard patient?


What is a mustard patient?

A Facebook group, Mustard or Senning Survivors, gathers several hundred global survivors in their 20s to 50s into a single community, supporting adults born with TGA that have had a Mustard, Senning, Rastelli or Nikaidoh heart procedure.

What is a hemi Mustard procedure?

After the aorta was clamped and cold crystalloid cardioplegia was administered, a hemi-Mustard procedure was performed: The atrial septum was completely excised; the coronary sinus was unroofed; and a bovine pericardial baffle was constructed to divert blood flow from the inferior vena cava (including the left superior …

When is an arterial switch operation performed?

An arterial switch operation is done to correct transposition of the great arteries (TGA) with or without ventricular septal defect (VSD) (see TGA). This procedure is typically done within the first week of life.

What is an atrial baffle?

A baffle is a surgically-created tunnel or wall within the heart or major blood vessels used to redirect the flow of blood. They are used in some types of heart abnormalities that a child is born with known as congenital heart defects.

What is the double switch surgery?

A double switch operation is used to correct congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (or L-TGA). In congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries, both the ventricles (pumping chambers) and great vessels (aorta & pulmonary trunk) are transposed (on the opposite side).

How long is arterial switch operation?

The coronary arteries are transplanted from the aorta/neo-pulmonary artery to the pulmonary artery/neo-aorta. Length of procedure, from initiation of anaesthesia to post-operative cease thereof, is approximately 6–8 hours.

What is baffle obstruction?

Baffle Obstruction: The baffles, that were created to switch the blood flow in the heart, are usually made from a synthetic material, called GorTex. With time, the baffles can scar which causes difficulty with blood flow (obstruction) in the heart.