What is A minor blues progression?


What is A minor blues progression?

This form of the minor blues progression uses 4 chords: the i chord, the iv chord, the v chord, and the V chord. The i, iv, and v chords will all be minor 7th chords, and are therefore indicated by lower case roman numerals.

What should I learn for blues?

The Best Way to Learn Blues Guitar Learn a basic blues shuffle. Practice playing the shuffle along with a drum machine or backing track. Learn some simple blues guitar licks. Practice playing those licks over a backing track.

Why should you learn to play the blues?

This is one of the most important scales in western music. Once you master the pentatonic / blues scale inside out you are able to apply it to many genres like rock, metal, pop, country, jazz, etc. Most of the the solos you hear in rock, country and heavy metal are all based on the pentatonic scale.

What scales to play over minor blues?

The Locrian Scale The second major mode that you’ll learn over the minor blues progression is the Locrian mode, which is used to solo over the iim7b5 chord in these changes. Built from the 7th mode of the major scale, the D Locrian mode is the same as playing an Eb major scale from the notes D to D.

What scales to use on a minor blues?

The minor blues scale is built by adding a b5 interval to the minor pentatonic scale, forming the pattern 1-b3-4-b5-5-b7. This scale is used to solo over just about any chord or key including major keys, minor keys, major chords, minor chords, blues progressions, and more.

Why do I like blues?

Aesthetic Realism explains “the deepest desire of every person is to like the world on an honest or accurate basis.” The blues shows how deep that desire is, because, in the blues, people have taken some of their saddest feelings and shown, even these can be given form, even these can make for beauty.

Should I learn blues or jazz first?

And even though blues music did come first, I don’t think it’s necessary to learn it thoroughly before tackling jazz, any more than a classical pianist needs to learn Bach before delving into Mozart. So start by choosing 2 or 3 recordings you enjoy, of either jazz or blues.

What scales to use in minor blues?

Minor Blues Scale Construction The minor blues scale is related to the natural minor scale and the minor pentatonic scale. The natural minor scale (aka Aeolian scale) has 7 notes. The minor pentatonic scale consists of 5 of these notes (1, b3, 4, 5 and b7).