What is a MB&F watch?


What is a MB&F watch?

The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery is a ground-breaking concept that is 50% watch boutique, 50% art gallery – and 100% dedicated to the world of mechanical and kinetic art.

How many watches does MB&F make a year?

Maximilian Büsser left corporate jobs at large watch companies to start his own brand, MB&F. He produces an average of 215 timepieces a year, inspired by characters like Captain Kirk. Here’s what his routine is like living in Dubai with his family and working in Switzerland.

Who is MB&F?

Maximilian Büsser and Friends (MB&F) is a Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer founded by Maximilian Busser in July 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland. Maximilian Büsser and Friends specializes in small series of concept-type watches.

Who owns MB&F?

Maximilian Büsser
Maximilian Büsser is a Swiss businessman and founder of the watch brand MB&F….

Maximilian Büsser
Maximilian Büsser
Occupation 2005-present Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of MB&F 1998–2005 CEO of Harry Winston, Inc. Rare Timepieces 1991–1998 Senior executive at Jaeger-LeCoultre

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