What is a huckster occupation?


What is a huckster occupation?

The original meaning of huckster is a person who sells small articles, either door-to-door or from a stall or small store, like a peddler or hawker. The term probably derives from the Middle English hucc meaning to haggle.

What is a brazier job?

Job Description Braziers operate various equipment and machinery such as torches, soldering irons, fluxes and welding machines in order to join two metal pieces together, by heating, melting and forming a metal filler inbetween them, often brass or copper.

What is census occupation?

Occupation data describe the kind of work the person does on the job. These data are derived from responses to write-in questions that are autocoded and clerically coded by Census Bureau staff, using the Census Occupation Code List developed for Census Bureau household surveys.

What is a picker maker?

Picker Maker. Made the “Pickers” – strong leather attachments fitted to each side of a weaving loom to drive the shuttle across the loom.

What is a huckster slang?

Definition of huckster (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : hawker, peddler especially : one who sells or advertises something in an aggressive, dishonest, or annoying way. 2 : one who produces promotional material for commercial clients especially for radio or television. huckster.

What is a huckster wagon?

The Huckster Wagon tells the story of merchants selling their products from horse-drawn wagons in Saginaw during the early 20th century. The merchants had organized routes through neighborhoods bringing fresh produce and other merchandise to residents.

What is a Bricksetter?

noun. 1British, Midlands English dialect A bricklayer. 2A worker who arranges raw bricks for firing in a kiln.

What is a cottager occupation?

A “Cottager” was a person, usually a man, who leased a small plot of land with a cottage on it. The land was usually worked like a family vegetable plot and may have had a pen for a pig or a couple of sheep.

What does occupation level mean?

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS ANNEXURE? Job evaluation or grading systems are used by many organisations to measure jobs according to their content and establish the comparative worth between jobs.

What does industry of occupation mean?

Industry is the type of activity at a person’s place of work; occupation is the kind of work a person does to earn a living; and class of worker categorizes people according to the type of ownership of the employing organization. These data are relevant to a wide range of uses.

What is a bobbin Turner?

Bobbin Turner: cut wooden bobbins on a lathe for use in the weaving industry.

What occupation was a Boniface?

Winfrith, to whom the pope, as tradition has it, gave the name Boniface in 722, was a missionary, founder of monasteries, diffuser of culture, and church organizer.