What is a good lipid target values?


What is a good lipid target values?

Optimal: Less than 100 mg/dL (This is the goal for people with diabetes or heart disease.) Near optimal: 100 to 129 mg/dL. Borderline high: 130 to 159 mg/dL. High: 160 to 189 mg/dL.

What are NCEP guidelines?

What is the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)?

Children (< 20 y) Desirable level (mg/dL) Borderline level (mg/dL)
LDL-C < 110 110-129
HDL-C* >45 35-45
TG† < 125
Adults (≥20 y)‡ Desirable level (mg/dL) Borderline level (mg/dL)

What is a good LDL goal?

LDL Goal: less than 100 mg/dl with a therapeutic option of treating to under 70 mg/dL. For very high-risk patients whose LDL levels are already below 100 mg/dL, there is also an option to use drug therapy to reach the less than 70 mg/dL goal.

What are lipid goals?

Finally, those with 0-1 risk factor have a goal LDL cholesterol of <160 mg/dL. These goals are set to maximize reduction in both short-term and long-term risk….1. Therapeutic goals for LDL cholesterol.

Risk Level LDL-C Goal
Multiple (2+) Risk Factors <130 mg/dL*
0-1 Risk Factor <160 mg/dL

What is the goal of NCEP ATP III when it comes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease?

In ATP III, a primary aim is to match intensity of LDL-lowering therapy with absolute risk. Everyone with elevated LDL cholesterol is treated with lifestyle changes that are effective in lowering LDL levels.

What is the meaning of NCEP?


Acronym Definition
NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction (US NOAA)
NCEP National Cholesterol Education Program
NCEP NCA (National Command Authorities) Conferencing Enhancement Program
NCEP National Commission on Energy Policy

What are the 4 major results of a lipid panel?

A lipid profile usually gives results for four different types:

  • Total cholesterol.
  • LDL (low-density lipoprotein), the “bad cholesterol”
  • HDL (high-density lipoprotein), the “good cholesterol”
  • Triglycerides, the most common type of fat in your body.