What is a good basal to bolus ratio?


What is a good basal to bolus ratio?

Many conversations in clinic around insulin usage are informed by the basal:bolus ratio. Some endocrinologists and diabetes educators like you to aim for a 50/50 split, though others prefer less basal and more aggressive meal bolusing.

What is the typical ratio of basal to bolus insulin in clinic?

When using replacement therapy, 50 percent of the total daily insulin dose is given as basal, and 50 percent as bolus, divided up before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How is bolus insulin dosed?

The authors recommend adding bolus insulin of about 4 to 6 units once or twice a day with meals, depending on the number of meals a day, carbohydrate content of the meal, current and desired degree of diabetes control, and physical activities.

How do you start basal bolus?

Bolus insulin is initiated before the largest meal of the day at 4 units, 0.1 units/kg, or 10% of the basal dose. The dose is increased by 1โ€“2 units or 10โ€“15% once or twice weekly until the SMBG target is reached.

How do I adjust my basal bolus regimen?

General guidelines about insulin adjustment for low blood sugars

  1. low at lunchtime reduce the breakfast insulin dose.
  2. low at teatime reduce the lunchtime insulin dose.
  3. low at bedtime reduce the evening meal insulin dose.
  4. low at breakfast time or during the night means reducing basal insulin dose.

What combination of insulin is used for basal bolus regimen?

What is a basal bolus insulin regimen? Basal insulin (Lantus) is injected once per day and ensures there is insulin in the body at all times. injected 3-4 times per day. A basal bolus regimen can provide flexibility with timing of meals and routine and reduce the need for snacking.

What is a normal basal rate?

The goal of basal insulin is to hold blood glucose levels steady when you are not eating โ€“ ideally within a 30 mg/dl range (such as 90 to 120 mg/dl). With the help of a healthcare professional, you can program one or more basal rate settings in your pump.

What percentage should be basal insulin?

Introduction. Basal insulin (BI) infusion in pump therapy of type 1 diabetes (T1DM) mimics physiological secretion during the night and between meals. The recommended percentage of the total BI to daily insulin dose (termed the %BI) ranges between 30 and 50%.

How much is too much basal insulin?

If your blood glucose drops by more than 30 mg/dl during the test period, the basal rate is probably too high. If it rises by more than 30 mg/dl, the rate may be too low.

How do you initiate bolus insulin?

How do you calculate basal insulin?

Basal/background insulin dose:

  1. Assume you weigh 160 pounds.
  2. Your total daily insulin dose (TDI) = 160 lbs รท 4 = 40 units.