What is a fender system?


What is a fender system?

Marine fender systems are the safe interface between the berthing vessels and the berth structures. The principal function of the marine fender systems is to absorb and transform the vessel’s kinetic energy into reaction forces which can be supported by the berthing structure and vessel’s hull.

What is a fender in construction?

These are special equipment designed to provide the cushion effect to ship, boats or other naval vessels when they experience collision against other vessels, wharves, piers and ports or berths. These are also referred as marine bumpers.

What is fender material?

Fenders are typically manufactured out of rubber, foam elastomer or plastic. Rubber fenders are either extruded or made in a mold.

How many fenders are there?

There is a rule of thumb for fender number: use one fender per 10′ of waterline, with a minimum of three fenders. So a 20′ boat would need 3 fenders and a 40′ would need 4.

What is fender line?

Made of solid braid polypropylene, the Fender Line naturally repels water and floats so it won’t get caught in your propeller. These UV protected colorful lines won’t fade in the sun, won’t mildew or rot so you can store them wet. Sold in pairs. Fender Lines cannot be personalized.

Are boat fenders?

Fenders are cushions that prevent a boat from being damaged by rubbing/impacting a dock (when the boat’s tied up) or from being hurt by contact with another boat (when multiple boats are tied/rafted together). There are a couple of basic types of boat fenders: inflatable and non-inflatable.

What are fender sizes?

Boat Size
3m – 5.5m (10-18 feet) HD1 A0, A1
5.5m – 8.5m (18 – 28 feet) HD2 A1, A2
8.5m – 10.5m (28-35 feet) HD3 A2, A3
10.5m – 15m (35 – 48 feet) HD4 A4

What are fender whips?

Fender whips are the ropes that hold a fender in position. They attach to the ends of fenders and allow them to lay against the hull at the appropriate position. The questions that circulate around fender whips tend to involve length and material.

How many fenders do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, for every 5 feet of a boat’s length you’ll need one fender an inch thick (in diameter). Small vessels may require just two fenders, while boats over 40-feet may need over 6.