What is a chariot meaning?


What is a chariot meaning?

1 : a light four-wheeled pleasure or state carriage. 2 : a two-wheeled horse-drawn battle car of ancient times used also in processions and races. chariot. verb. charioted; charioting; chariots.

What is another word for chariot?

Synonyms of chariot

  • barouche,
  • brougham,
  • buckboard,
  • buggy,
  • cab,
  • cabriolet,
  • calash,
  • cal├Ęche.

What is an example of chariot?

The definition of a chariot is a carriage-like vehicle used in ancient times with two wheels and driven by horses. An example of a chariot is what Julius Caesar is often depicted as riding in. A horse-drawn, two-wheeled cart used in ancient times for war, racing, parades, etc.

Is chariot a French word?

chariot: chariot de guerre; char.

What is the meaning charioteer?

one who drives a chariot
Definition of charioteer 1 : one who drives a chariot. 2 capitalized : auriga.

Is Chariot masculine or feminine?

Although driven by a man, the Chariot itself is neither masculine nor feminine but asexual, referring to the pure contact of souls that has little to do with physical touch and instincts, and much more to do with the higher purpose, shared paths, ideals and directions meant to widen our horizons and perspectives.

Why did Krishna become the charioteer?

His reason b e ing that since Pandavas were on the side of Dharma , having Lord Krishna on their side meant the Lord was on their side and even if he never wielded a weapon , it would suffice. So Lord Krishna agreed to be Arjuna’s charioteer.

Who were the charioteers in ancient Rome?

There were two types of charioteers: The younger, inexperienced charioteers were called auriga and raced two-horse chariots (bigae). It was the older, more experienced men, called agitatos, who raced the four-horse teams (quardigae) that were the main event of any race-day (Meijer 2010).

What does chariot mean in love?

The Chariot tarot love symbolism challenges you to take action once you know where you’re going. Your love life will benefit greatly if you assume charge of it. Success comes to those who have self-assurance, guts, and tenacity. Taking control of our own life once again is the message of the Chariot.