What is a cargo bar used for?


What is a cargo bar used for?

This is where cargo bars become handy. Their purpose is to brace the cargo against the wall of the truck, which alleviates the issue of the product from sliding around due to the empty space.

What is ratchet bar?

The cargo bar keeps cargo from shifting in pickup trucks, minivans, station wagons or hatchbacks. The ratcheting adjustment extends from 40 in. to 70 in. to fit your vehicle. Nonmarring grip pads keep the cargo bar from slipping. Prevents cargo shift in pickup trucks, station wagons, and hatchbacks.

What is a cargo bar for truck?

Cargo bars, also called load bars, have been used by semi-truck and pickup drivers for years to safely secure their loads and prevent load shift.

What is the bar on the back of a truck called?

Those steel bars hanging from the truck’s platform bed are known as a “rear underride guards” or “rear impact guards.” They are designed to prevent vehicles from sliding underneath a trailer during a rear-end collision.

Why do truck beds have ridges?

The ridges work wonder in making the truck’s bed become much stiffer for the same amount of metal thickness. They ensure that sagging is kept away from loads beneath — regardless of the weight. At low-resonant frequencies, while driving, these ridges keep the load(s) from vibrating.

What are logistics bars?

The Logistic Bar is a lightweight solution to keeping the back of the trailer organized for easier loading and unloading. They hold the cargo up against the wall or against other bars to prevent them from falling over anytime the vehicle hits a pothole or a curb.

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