What is a 93c46 serial EEPROM?


What is a 93c46 serial EEPROM?

These 93C46 Serial EEPROM devices are used in many commercial products where the data contained within the chip, though only 128 bytes, is considered confidential and proprietary. This code library may not be used to “break into” the data stored within devices in commerical products.

What is a serial EEPROM?

Serial EEPROMs are small Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory chips. These devices are usually used to store user configurable parameters and device serial numbers. They use a serial bus interface, which allows them to be packaged in inexpensive 8 pin packages.

Does Xicor offer any serial EEPROMs?

They offer quite a few different types of serial eeproms, including of course the 93CS46 and 93C46. Xicor offers 2-Wire interface and SPI interface serial EEPROMs, but apparantly nothing which will work with the code below. Xicor once had a considerable collection of example code on-line, but they appear to have removed it.

Is the 93c46 microcontroller still usable?

The 93C46 chip should be usable, but care should be taken not to make calls to the functions which access the protection register within the 93CS46. The two extra pins not required for the 93C46 are manipulated by all the routines. To reclaim these pins, remove all the instructions that use ” pe ” and ” pre ” symbols.